Traditional naturopathy utilizes the approach of using whole herbs to provide key essential nutrients that aid the body by supporting its core structures and functions that help to balance and restore vital energy to depleted regions of the body.The health benefits of herbs are based on their nutritional profile of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrient factors rather than their pharmacological considerations of mere symptom relief. The quality of the products, method of delivery and desired results are all important factors in the effectiveness of health care. Health is a state of dynamic balance within the body and finding a product that works harmoniously with your body is essential. In today’s world it is almost essential that quality whole herb supplements be a significant part of a healthy daily dietary regime.

Why Herbs

Wild Earth Naturals uses the most advanced low temperature vacuum pressure system available in combination with its own all natural proprietary liquid solvent extraction formula and spageric process to obtain 85% of the active ingredients of the plant material.

To produce a high quality and high percentage extract, a superior extraction medium/solvent is as essential as the equipment used in the process. Over many years of research and development, Wild Earth Naturals formulators have achieved a proprietary solvent of superior nature. We use a combination of catalytic water, kosher vegetable glycerin and high alkaline ionic complex mineral base. This solvent quickly penetrates, due to the active alkaline nature of the minerals, and pulls out of the carbon plant structure the active ingredients of the plant body, and emulsifies it into the hungry glycerin/water complex.

The vacuum pressure of the extraction equipment allows us to extract under low temperatures, thus preserving the vital enzymes and essential oil complexes of the plant.

The final stage of our process known as a spagyric process, is a means of extracting one of the most vital components of the plant called the mineral salts. The mineral salts are tightly bound to the carbon cellulose plant body or pulp. Most commercial producers discard the spent pulp, thus leaving these vital mineral salts out of the formula.  Wild Earth’s proprietary process literally pulls all of the mineral salts out of the carbon, reconstitutes them and adds them back into the formula menstrum for full bioavalibility.