The Red Rock Country of the high desert – known as the ‘Colorado Plateau’ – has a unique history of being home to an ancient sea bed. When the waters receded in this area, all that remained was the ‘Great Salt Lake’ in Northern Utah – and a pure soil steeped in rich minerals. These mineral salts are in our own backyard, and we use them extensively to enhance our products and formulas.

Why Ancient Minerals

Minerals play a vital role in all biological functions of the human body. Our bodies simply cannot achieve or maintain good health without both macro and trace minerals, as they are the basic building blocks of all life. Vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and all other chemicals and hormones need minerals to function properly, and the body requires minerals on a daily basis to build healthy new cells. A diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains may still not provide an adequate supply of minerals, as the soil where most produce is cultivated has been depleted of much of its nutrients. That is why we feel mineral supplements are important and why we try to provide our clients with the highest quality mineral product possible. Crystalline Ionic Minerals are a critical component in our formulas and are included in all of our formulas. Try our minerals and see the difference in your health and well-being.

At Wild Earth, we use the Spagyric process to produce tiny ionic particles, the smallest measurable mineral particles observed by science. Ionic minerals are the most usable minerals for the human body. Most mineral supplements have particles that are simply too large for assimilation. At Wild Earth, after processing the dry herbs, we burn the left over pulp to an herbal ash mineral salt and reconstitute it back into a liquid tincture. This produces a stronger, more concentrated product for healing. This labor intensive process elevates Wild Earth Naturals from the competition.